The League School and Day Treatment Center provides a broad range of educational and clinical services to students in individual and group settings.

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League School is located in Brooklyn, New York and is a part of the League Education & Treatment Center. Our educational curriculum complies with New York State learning standards and is taught by state certified special education teachers. While our curriculum is academically, age and grade appropriate, it is also tailored to meet the individual academic abilities and needs of each student. In addition to English Language Arts, Mathematics and Science, Health, Social Studies, the Arts, Vocational Training, and Technology, we offer enhanced curriculum gardening, culinary arts, and basketball. 

League School Cafeterial Mural

Our clinical services include speech and language therapy, occupational therapy, social skills development, behavior management, psychiatry, individual and group therapy, and conflict resolution. All of our staff are highly trained professionals and are New York State licensed. League School follows a milieu treatment model so all service providers work together in a collaborative effort to support students’ individual needs.  

League School Leadership

If it weren’t for League School, I wouldn’t know what would happen to me and now, thanks to this place and with the help of my wonderful parents and myself, I know that I will lead a good life that I deserve.
— High School Student